ThinkPad notebooks can enhance and simplify your mobile computing experience.

ThinkPad notebooks can enhance and simplify your mobile computing experience.

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Perfect Balance of Performance and Portability

Perfect Balance of Performance and Portability

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Beginner Walk-Through Tips For Club Penguin

If you’re looking for some useful Club Penguin walk through tips, then this guide is going to give you everything you need. In particular, we’re going to share some useful tips, tricks, and secrets that can help you make progress in this game – so let’s begin.

penguin-undercoverFirst of all, one of the best things to do is to focus on becoming a top Club Penguin secret agent – and to do this, you need to complete all of the secret agent missions. Fortunately, these missions are very fun, and they’re also very varied – with some of them being very simple, and others being much harder. However, if you follow these steps, you’ll quickly be able to master these missions.

To begin these missions, you’ll need to visit the Virtual Reality Room which is found inside the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. From here, you can select your missions.

Mission 1 is all about the case of the missing Puffles, which begins by talking to Aunt Arctic. She will explain the situation to you, after which you will need to visit the ice rink and collect the photos on the ice.

Once you have the pictures, you can carry them to Aunt Arctic, and then you’ll need to make your way to the pet store. Here, you will find several unique items, and when you visit the sports shop, you will be able to locate the rubber ring shooter which would be handy for later.

penguin-secret-agentThe next step is to visit the ski slope where you will find a Penguin with a telescope who needs you to talk to him. This is where you can use the rubber ring shooter to start a mini-game and help the penguin in the process.

Once you’ve done this, you can click on the green penguin, who will tell you where he saw Puffles. You’ll then need to return to the ski slope, where you’ll talk to the penguin with a telescope again, who will tell you that it’s broken, and ask you to fix it.

Fortunately, you can easily fix it for the penguin by clicking on your Agent Phone and using the spanner within your tool set.

Once you’ve done this, you can use the telescope to see Puffles. Simply visit the sports shop, use the climbing rope, throw it over the top of the mountain, and you’ll be able to reach Puffles. Now all that’s left is to talk to Aunt Arctic and you’ve completed your first mission!

penguin-undercover2Now that you’ve got started with the secret missions, you’ll find that they are relatively straightforward and easy to complete – and as soon as you have completed all 11 missions, you will be a proud Club Penguin secret agent.

While some of the missions are trickier than others, most of them are relatively simple if you pay close attention to what each character is telling you, because you’ll discover tips and hints within their dialogue. However, if you get stuck, then you can simply find a walk-through to guide you towards the next step.

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