ThinkPad notebooks can enhance and simplify your mobile computing experience.

ThinkPad notebooks can enhance and simplify your mobile computing experience.

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Perfect Balance of Performance and Portability

Perfect Balance of Performance and Portability

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Advantages Of Private Blog Network For Ranking Your Site In Search Engine

man-997400_1280While it is true that search engines such as Google use over 200 factors for ranking websites, the major ranking factor remains the quality and quantity of backlinks. There was a time when public blog networks used to work wonders for ranking medium to high competition keywords. However, Google soon discovered those networks and started penalizing the blog networks as well as the websites using these links. This has led to the rise in the popularity of private blog networks or PBNs.

As the name suggests, it is a private network which means that the sites in the network are known only to the owners. There are a number of advantages of building or acquiring a private blog network. To build this network, you can either buy a bunch of expired domains or expiring auction domains, or build a group of web 2.0s. Here is how private blog network can help in ranking your website in search engines.

Complete Control over the Back Links

One of the biggest benefits of a private blog network is that the owner controls everything on the network. The back links can be directed to existing websites or new websites which mean that a blog network can be used to rank all sorts of websites. The owner also gets complete control over the anchor text and can vary the anchor text.

Also, when private blog networks are designed in the right manner, the sites in the network also rank in the search engines and attract some traffic. This traffic can be sent to money sites. Overall, a private blog network provides total control over the quality as well as quantity of back links to the owner of the network.

Less Risky

It is important to keep in mind that any kind of link building is against the Webmaster Guidelines issued by big search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. One of the biggest disadvantages of public blog networks is that anybody can buy links from those networks. In other words, there is no quality control.

For instance, a network of sites that is linking to your website along with back links to other questionable websites loses much of the juice which means that links from such website do not retain their power. Also, these networks can be easily dis covered by search engines which mean that the links bought on these public blog network sites are much riskier as compared to sites on private blog networks as only the owner is aware of these websites.

Cheaper in the Long Run

While building a private blog network requires significant investment in the beginning, the total cost turns out to be much cheaper over the long run especially when compared to the cost of hiring links on public blog network. These days, there are a number of tools that can help you in buying expired domains with good metrics that can be used for building your own private blog network.

While you will have to invest in content, hosting and other such links for maintaining your blog network, the cost of maintaining the network is almost negligible especially when compared to the benefits of such a network. On the other hand, a public blog network has no quality control and they exist only to sell links. You are also required to pay a monthly fee for links on public networks.

Almost Instant Rankings

One of the major benefits of owning a private blog network is that it corresponds to almost instant rankings. Instant, in this case, does not mean a day or two as Google takes longer these days to rank websites. Instant rankings mean that your money sit e will start ranking for desired keywords much quicker.

These are some of the benefits of building or acquiring a private blog network. So, if you have been struggling to rank your websites even after investing a whole lot in good content, you should definitely invest in a private blog network. A well designed and managed PBN can help you in ranking a website with useful content and good on-page SEO within a short period of time.

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